Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring Swap Quilt

I've been working on my spring swap quilt this is what I have so far. I haven't decided on the outside border and would value any comments or suggestion. I did manage to get my frame up with some help from my DD. I have 3 quilts waiting patiently to be quilted.

Happy Stitching


Janice said...

Looking good Shar! For a border, what about piano keys - maybe of varying widths - of the fabrics you've used?

or a checkerboard of tiny squares.

Supermom said...

border - my suggestion is a small print floral that has the pinks and lavendar and green. Bind in the darl green. Looks great!

Tracy said...

I think a lavender border would be beautiful. Yellow and Purple look good together and it would make the purple flowers pop.

country mouse said...

I like the idea of a floral print border that supermom suggested. Another thought I had was maybe using the blue that you uesd in the background of the blocks then making 4 more tulips, one for each corner (all turned so the green is to the inside, points of the flowers pointing toward the outside corners) then binding in the dark green. Can't wait to see what you decide to do.