Friday, April 30, 2010

OPAM April Finishes

My Mariner's Compass wall hanging.......the pattern called for a 2 nd border....It felt done to me so I left the 2nd border out.......:)~
A wool pincushion and this needle case. The pattern is Springberries and it's by Cinderberry Stitches. This month has flown by for me.......WOW! I've had such fun seeing all the lovely things being made in ladies amazing and inspire me everyday!! Thank you ALL! :)~ OK so now I'm going to share something embarrassing ..... I woke up sometime during the night couldn't sleep.......tossed and turned. I felt I got out of bed to have a drink of water.......when returning to bed......(wasn't wearing my glasses) I thought my bedside table was my bedpillow you guessed it.......I plopped myself down on the floor cashing my head against the table.. OMG the pain was awful ! My right cheek is swollen and I have a lump on my head..Ouch Ouch and double Ouch! hurts.........Lesson learned.......I will always feel for the mattress before sitting myself down.... Have a happy and safe weekend!
Happy Stitching


Carole said...

Lovely finishes! Thanks for sharing!

Rhonda said...

I love your compass. It's striking!!!

Sue-Anne said...

Oh Shar you poor thing! You ae probably not the first person to do something like that though.

Ilove your finishes, especially your Mariner's Compass, it looks fantastic.

sjoko said...

Halloooooo - what a nice compass. I do not dare to start one, there are too many points that need attention. Well done!!

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